Are You Using the Right Marketing Technology?

Marketing. It’s just advertising, social media and email campaigns; throw in the occasional printed flyer or tradeshow and you’re good, right? As a marketer, you know that the role of marketing is far more complex than a list of tactics. You need to think about data, websites, engagement, SEO, SEM, automation, personalization, email, social media, programmaticContinue reading “Are You Using the Right Marketing Technology?”

Making 2020 a Come-from-Behind Win.

Companies nationwide continue to work hard to stay in business in the ongoing wake of the COVID-19 downturn. According to a June Census survey, 44 percent expect it to be at least six months before “normal” business operations might resume and in July, the National Federation of Independent Businesses reported that one-third (1/3) of theContinue reading “Making 2020 a Come-from-Behind Win.”

Supporting Your Channel Partners During Times of Crisis, part 2

Most manufacturers don’t sell their products directly consumers. Instead you rely on channel partners to get your “goods” or merchandise into the hands of consumers — it’s these resellers, distributors and wholesalers that extend your reach. And in return, they look to you for support by way of programs, promotions and incentives that make itContinue reading “Supporting Your Channel Partners During Times of Crisis, part 2”