Are You Using the Right Marketing Technology?

Marketing. It’s just advertising, social media and email campaigns; throw in the occasional printed flyer or tradeshow and you’re good, right? As a marketer, you know that the role of marketing is far more complex than a list of tactics. You need to think about data, websites, engagement, SEO, SEM, automation, personalization, email, social media, programmaticContinue reading “Are You Using the Right Marketing Technology?”

Time is Money

According to Gartner’s Marketing Organization Survey 2020, functional, centralized and agile marketing organizations are the most common team structures. Across industries, two-thirds (66%) of marketing leaders reported that their organizations are now centralized and nearly half (49%) are shared service teams. Why? There’s a growing push to scale efficiency, leverage capabilities and control spend. AddContinue reading “Time is Money”

5 Tips to Successfully Manage Vendors

Essential to the operations of any business is the quality of its relationships and some of the most important, yet often discounted, are vendor (supplier) relationships. As a marketer, or other business leader, it’s normal to rely on these outside partners for their involvement in the implementation and management of everyday operations, campaigns, launches orContinue reading “5 Tips to Successfully Manage Vendors”

Solving the Marketing Challenge of Cross-Functional Teamwork

Today’s marketing teams are the ultimate multitaskers. And, according to several surveys, you spend at least one third (1/3) to half of your time on administrative tasks. Your successful collaboration with other functional departments — responding to their requests or satisfying their requirements — can be a “tall order” and time-consuming. Aside from contributing creativeContinue reading “Solving the Marketing Challenge of Cross-Functional Teamwork”

How to Create Efficiency in Your Marketing Operations

A common obstacle to the efficiency and success of today’s enterprise marketing teams is managing the sheer volume and variety of their workload. In fact, more than 60% of marketers say that they are taxed for time. On the front end, growing and sustaining a brand or launching a product through multiple campaigns, projects andContinue reading “How to Create Efficiency in Your Marketing Operations”